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Alt-Country, Soul, Funk, Blues, and Folk… never could make up my mind.

While I believe in the power of a joyful celebration fueled by an upbeat song, I equally believe in thoughtful lyrics that ride piggyback on a melody and shed light on things hidden in the shadows… maybe even in the dark. I love the songs that sit and comfort the “wall flower”… holding hands or just bumping shoes and quietly healing the things they were sometimes unaware even needed attention as they’ve watched others dance through life.


Although it sometimes happens, I don’t intentionally  write “radio friendly” songs.  Instead, I prefer to embrace, rather than repel, my own personal truths that painfully blink in the presence of light while crying out for acknowledgment. For me, to write a song that touches the spirit, or even just gently rattles its cage is to stand in high cotton. 


I’ve never really been comfortable with self-written, 3rd person EPK  accolades. So, I’m not going to shovel hype into anyone’s virtual bucket. I’ve had a few ill-fated publishing contracts and a couple of “just short of fruition” record deals, but at the end of the day I’m a total unknown… a no hit “wonder.” 


Life isn’t easy and songwriting has played a major role in me  seeking beauty in the sometimes ugly details of navigating my own humanity. It’s been a way to uncover hidden things within myself and awaken the beauty that lies peacefully sleeping on the chest of the ugly.


As a result, I’ve become comfortable with embracing those songs that live in an honesty that’s sometimes painful… songs that don’t encourage us to ignore our wounds until we bleed out. 

M Nero

Don’t forever judge me by my acts of indiscretion,

Or by water I once swam in that’s now underneath the bridge.

And please do not define me as the edges of my madness, 

While leaving out the story in the magnets on my  fridge.

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There’s a line in one of my songs that goes:

I know that you know not everyone else knows, not much is written in stone.

As true as this is, there are some well-known absolute truths. For example: Humans need oxygen, water, food and sleep to exist. Gravity isn’t always your friend and dumb-ass moments are not limited to any particular race, religion, socio-economic standing, or gender. 


There’s another absolute truth that’s  by and large unknown: I neither know how to market my music nor care to intentionally employ the commonly suggested tactics that seem to reduce people to a sheep-like predictability.


I believe that my songs have the potential to bring some joy, comfort, or a moment of reflection to another person. But, I’m not going to try to manipulate anyone into discovering whether or not they are that person.  I much prefer that lending me a “first time” ear be a choice born out of  natural curiosity after stumbling upon my music via my infrequent social media posts, a blog shoutout, lunchtime YouTube surfing, a rogue  Spotify algorithm, or best yet… at someone’s  recommendation.


I know that this isn’t a recipe for amassing an audience but I’m okay with that. To organically grow to any level suggests to me my best chance of being listened to rather than just heard… pretty much at the core of what most songwriters hope to experience.






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Send me an email and introduce yourself. I always enjoy meeting new people and talking about creativity, music, song writing, or the high cost of groceries… doesn’t matter. 

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